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1. Where is my nearest McDonald’s® restaurant?

You can find your nearest McDonald’s® restaurant by visiting

2. How long does the Promotion run?

The Promotion will run for 4 weeks. The Promotion starts at 12:00am AEDT on 1st February 2014 and ends 11:59pm AEDT on 28th February 2014.

3. How do I enter?

  1. Simply purchase any Amore Meal, Extra Value Meal or Family Dinner Box at all participating McDonald’s® restaurants during the Promotional period;

  2. Keep your McDonald’s® purchase receipt/Game Card;

  3. Enter on this website by following the prompts; or TEXT the Unique Letter Combination from your receipt/Game Card, your full name and postcode to 1999 1444. Max SMS cost is $0.55 (incl GST). Premium carriers’ SMS costs may also apply.

  4. Once you’ve entered your Unique Letter Combination successfully you will be notified instantly whether you are a winner.

4. What are the prizes?

By entering the promotion, you could instantly win one of 24 Suzuki Swifts or one of 4 Suzuki S-Cross!
See the Prize Details section of this website for more details.

5. What are Game Cards?

If staff are unable to issue a receipt for any reason after you have made a purchase, subject to availability, you must obtain a Game Card (contingency card) containing a Unique Letter Combination.

6. Where do I obtain a Unique Letter Combination from?

Unique Letter Combinations are issued with the purchase of any Amore Meal, Extra Value Meal or Family Dinner Box at participating McDonald’s® restaurants. You can find your Unique Letter Combination on the purchase receipt/Game Card. If you received a Game Card, just break open the center of the Game Card to reveal the Unique Letter Combination.

7. I don’t have a computer how else can I enter?

You can also enter via your mobile phone by texting the Unique Letter Combination from your receipt/Game Card, your full name and postcode to 1999 1444. Max SMS cost is $0.55 (incl GST). Premium carriers’ SMS costs may also apply.

8. Can I enter more than once?

Yes, but entries are limited to 6 per person, per day. If you have more than 6 codes, please come back another day to enter your remaining codes up until 11:59pm on 28th February 2014.

9. How will I be notified if I’m a winner?

Upon successful entry into the Promotion, you will be notified instantly if you are a lucky winner. Online entrants are notified on screen, in writing and by telephone. SMS entrants are notified via text message, in writing and by telephone.

10. I’m trying to enter via SMS but there seems to be something wrong with the number?

The promotional SMS number is: 1999 1444. Please note that the SMS number cannot be dialed as a normal call.

11. Who can enter the promotion?

Entry into the promotion is only open to Australian residents aged 16 years or older (exclusions apply – see full terms and conditions). All entries of Entrants who are under the age of 18 years and enter the promotion without disclosing (or attempting to conceal) their age (as and where required) and/or do not provide the required parental consent (as and where required) will be deemed invalid.

12. I am under 18 years of age, can I still win a prize?

Yes, if any prize winner is aged under 18 years, the prize will be awarded to the parent or legal guardian who consented to the winner entering the promotion, at the discretion of the Promoter.

13. Why do I need to keep my purchase receipt/Game Card after I’ve entered the promotion?

Under the Terms and Conditions all prize winners may be required to produce their receipt/Game Card for validation purposes, so make sure you keep your receipt/Game Card in a safe place!

14. I have been notified that I am a winner, but I haven’t received my prize yet?

Delivery or collection of prizes is subject to availability of the vehicle, but is anticipated to be within 8 weeks from the date of confirmed winner notification. Please contact our Customer Service Team if you still haven’t received your prize within 8 weeks from the date you claimed your prize.

15. Why do I need to keep my receipt out of the sun and away from heat?

Receipts can fade in the sun and in heat. We recommend that you keep it out of the sun and from heat so that it remains legible for validation purposes.

16. I am having trouble entering via SMS what am I doing wrong?

Invalid Format
Make sure to TEXT your entry in the correct format: Unique Letter Combination, first name, last name, postcode

Exceeded Entry Limit
If you receive a reply stating that you have exceeded your entry limit of 6 per person, per day please try again another day.

Invalid Unique Letter Combination
Please double check that you have entered the correct characters.

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